Klebsiella Oxytoca
and symptoms

Pathogenesis and disease patterns

Klebsiella are detectable in the soil, on plants and in water. They also are found in about 30% of the healthy population in the gastrointestinal tract or the upper respiratory tract. Diseases that are caused by Klebsiella, are especially pneumonia (pneumonia Friedlander), sepsis and urinary tract infections. You can also cause endocarditis, meningitis, enteritis or wound infection but rarely. The proportion of nosocomial infections is approximately 5-10%. The organisms are airborne, recorded about vegetable food or drinking contaminated water. Some of the infections occurs endogenously.

image klebsiella oxytoca pathogenesis

Klebsiella oxytoca subspecies ozaenae and subspecies rhinoscleromatis may be the cause of infections in nasopharyngeal space.

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